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The Advantages of Biofuels for Boilers

David Bohn

As president and CEO of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation (PUMC), David Bohn of Redding, CT, leads a corporation devoted to producing high-quality industrial, commercial, and institutional-grade boilers and other energy equipment. Under David Bohn’s leadership, PUMC recently became a member of the Council of Industrial Boiler Owners trade group. The Danbury-based company’s products include fuel oil handling systems, alternative biofuel-using burners, and microprocessor-based controllers.

Experts point out that the choice of components for installation as part of an overall boiler system can have profound impacts on performance, emissions volume, energy efficiency, and long-range sustainability.
The selection of a system’s source of fuel and control network, as well as the quality of the burner itself, are among the most important items involved in creating a boiler system that performs well in terms of these criteria. And of these, the industry typically views the fuel source as the most critical for ensuring sustainability.
Biofuels offer a renewable alternative to the traditional industrial fuels of oil, coal, and natural gas. Among the biofuel sources available to manufacturers today is the category of solid-mass biofuels, which includes wood pellets or wood chips. Liquid wood is another alternative.
These substances are sustainable and help to lower the overall impacts of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide in the environment.

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