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The 2019 ASHRAE Winter Conference

David Bohn

Based in Redding, CT, David Bohn is a graduate of Hamilton College and has led Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation as president since 1995. David Bohn of Redding, CT, maintains membership in several professional organizations, including the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

ASHRAE recently announced it will hold its 2019 ASHRAE Winter Conference January 12-16, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia. The event will feature a technical program with eight tracks, including systems and equipment, refrigeration, common system issues and misapplications, and the engineer’s role in architecture. These and other tracks will allow attendees to tailor their Winter Conference experience to their individual professional development needs.
The opening plenary session will feature a keynote address by Grant Imahara, a former host of Mythbusters and an expert in animatronics engineering. The Winter Conference will also include presentations of technical papers to keep attendees abreast of the latest industry research.

More details are to come, so visit to learn more about the conference.


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