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CIBO to Hold Environmental Management and Best Practices Conference

David Bohn

David Bohn is a fixture in the Redding, CT, business community, where he serves as the president of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation. Under Mr. Bohn’s leadership, the company helps facilities meet regulations for their industrial boilers and burners. Recently, David Bohn and his Redding, CT, company joined the Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO).

This September, CIBO will debut a first-of-its-kind conference that will focus on the environmental aspects of industrial boiler manufacturing and maintenance. By looking at the major policies and legislation affecting the industry as well as new technological advances in the field, the conference will focus on the practical implications of sustainability practices in the plant energy sector.
The conference will feature discussions in the areas of energy distribution platforms, renewable energy infrastructure, and global environmental management standards. One of the major goals of the conference is to find the best way forward in the area of sustainability through the power of group thinking and discussions of technology, best practices, and management techniques.

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